The ability to escape into New Zealand’s world-renowned natural landscapes and culture with my camera is something I have always appreciated. Privileged in having access to such a diverse range of scenery and people, my passion for capturing and sharing these stunning experiences with others has only developed. Being a self-taught free-lance photographer, I have acquired my skills through practice over a period of over twelve years, passion being my core motivator. My Photography reflects my personal interpretation of life, how I view both the world we live in and the people who live in it.
Nothing in life is perfect but sometimes it is these imperfections that make these things and people all the more beautiful and special.
My photography is largely unedited and far from perfect but I believe in my philosophy to keep things real, to feel and enjoy capturing moments that may mean something special to someone.
I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I do creating them.

The Calendar project

Raising $200,000 for the Children’s Cancer Research Group with a personal calendar project.
Directing and creating the project from my home, I featured children with cancer in a fun and positive view within three calendars. This achieved providing informative information related to research and the challenges children and families face.

Organizational Involvement

Children’s Cancer Research Group
The Cancer Society
Make A Wish Foundation
Save the Children Fund
Children’s Rainbow Health Trust
Rural Recovery Group
South Canterbury Migrants Steering Group
Rural Support Trust


My passion of agriculture extends to everything in the outdoors, including tramping and a love of mustering and horse riding. I frequently attend local and national dog trials and in the weekends I enjoy gardening, reading and maintaining my fitness. Photography plays a significant part of my life and I enjoy capturing the beauty of New Zealand through scenery, animals and the interesting diversity surrounding us.