During Grass Roots Media's rebrand I  employed the services of Vicky to help add the finishing touches to my website - imagery. I'd had many frustrating goes at trying to tell our story through imagery but the lack of cohesion was making me tear my hair out. Vicky did a fantastic job of explaining what I should be looking for in each image, both from a colour tone and story telling perspective.  Of course, it was only right for us to select a range of ER Imaging photos to finish off our story, as they were a perfect fit.

Vicky has a fantastic eye for rural photography and a deep understanding of the sector, which means her imagery is raw, unfiltered but respectful. I absolutely love her work and it's an inspiration for me...so much so I've picked up a new camera and started seeing things through the lens too!

I highly recommend her for rural corporate photography and events. 

Thanks Vicky!

Chelsea Millar, Grass Roots Media CEO/Founder

I feel very lucky to have known Vicky for a number of years.

Vicky has captured the beauty and importance of the NZ working dog in a way that truly reflects her love farming and her own dogs. Her visionary photography talent is only matched by the size of her heart. Her pictures tell a story that we all need to hear.

We chose to use Vicky and her Photography at Eukanuba Working dog and have found her to be so eager to get the right shot for what we needed. Her passion and energy is contagious. Thank you Vicky, can't wait to see more coming soon.

Fiona Ross , Eukanuba Farm Division

When I first saw one of Vicky’s photos I just knew that I needed to paint it. It took couple years until I got that opportunity to meet Vicky herself and ask her for permission to use her photos.

From one artist to another, Vicky is so inspirational and her talent shows in each photo she takes. Looking though her photos it’s like seeing the soul of each moment.

Inese Kviese , Business Manager, Irricon Resource Solutions

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