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Many of you may have seen my camera broke suddenly last week, along with my heart (temporaliary), and  defiantly my piggy bank, and maybe the odd other thing I could reach. Officially today I was advised that it cannot be fixed. It was the shutter. Apparently they have a life span of around 300,000 images.Hmmm...  Sadly the parts are no longer available.  I purchased my Canon 60D about four years ago second hand from  Photo&Video International in Christchurch. In fact this was the second used camera I had purchased from them. I have also purchased all of my professional lens from there over the past 12 years. They have been brilliant with both their advice and professionalism. I have decided to write about my own recent personal experiences. This may help answer some of the many questions I receive about what cameras and lens  people may want to choose to buy for themselves.  The first and most obvious thing to address is what are you wanting to achieve with your photography? I went on to Mr Google punched in my question (get rich quick) and it lead me to a  site. There I found a specific questionnaire to fill out. It is eleven user friendly pages long (no I am not being cynical). If I found it easy  anyone will. You can look in the correct range of products for you to see what is available. As with anything price does reflect what you purchase. It would be ridiculous for anyone to buy the top of the range if you are not going to get the use out of it (unless you had a dear old aunt die and leave you some money). I did several things before I made a decision on what to do. I phoned two fellow photographers. Thank you to you both. I didn't listen to either of them though (sorry). I phoned Canon, I phoned several professional photography retail shops and  I also went on to Trade Me. Then another friend told me that buying two cameras off trade me would be more beneficial than one new one. Made sense, so I don't get into this situation again. More than that anyone who has been around me while I have been photographing will have seen me changing my lens in less than ideal circumstances. I just can't bring myself to purchase such an important part of my business through Trade Me. You just have no idea how the camera has been treated. You more than likely would not get a guarantee or warranty which of course isn't ideal. You don't get the back up from the store and manufacturer should you encounter any issues. Don't get me wrong, if you are not spending a huge amount of money and it is not your core business then check it out and go for it. Purchasing second hand through a reputable Camera store is quite acceptable to me. Unfortunately there wasn't a suitable second hand camera available for me to consider.. Grossly disappointed. Well no not really.  For the first time in my life I purchased a shiny new camera. I could have purchased the next model down from the one I eventually purchased. The risk however is it had taken 96,000 images already  so I was a little gun shy that it also may be on life support. It was also still over half the price of the new one I chose. If you are keen to learn more of the technology jargon talk around cameras the best thing to do is go online and do the tutorials, I haven't done this as I am just too impatient to sit still. I have also learnt a lot over the past few years. I love to go out and just play with my camera settings and take the shot. You also learn by getting things wrong. As long as you are not at a once in a lifetime event it won't matter to anyone but you if you stuff it up. I was watching a TV Documentary last week about a bird photographer. He spent weeks trying to photograph a Hummingbird diving for his dinner. He eventually got ONE shot in the frame! Ok it was a Hummingbird but it goes to show you that we always only see the one we got...and so does everyone else. I have for the first time in my life got a full frame professional Camera. It is 30MP. It is a Canon 5D 4. I am going to tag my bank manager in on this blog as she may or may not need to know this information. I am so excited for the post in the next couple of days. Enjoy your photography everyone. Vic.

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