Ever since I was little I have been surrounded by animals and New Zealand’s beautiful landscape, never for one moment have I taken this for granted. I consider myself privileged to have been able to grow up on some of New Zealand’s beautiful High Country Stations and Farms, this giving me a deep appreciation and respect for our environment and what lives in it.

I started my agriculture photography career on perhaps one of New Zealand’s most well-known iconic Stations Molesworth. I have been once again privileged to have been back several times over the years to capture the identity of our New Zealand musterer along with his working dogs and horses. Since then I have been gathering a portfolio of a diverse range of images throughout New Zealand’s agriculture industry.

Still being able to “saddle up” is both a pleasure and advantage to use for my photography as it gets you to many backcountry places many are unable to go. I hope you enjoy browsing through my images and I will enjoy getting out and creating some more.

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