Harry The Cloud Dog


Harry is Joe’s BEST friend in the Whole Wide World. They love doing everything together. Follow their friendship, and learn how Joe copes with the grief and sadness that comes with losing his beloved friend.


Harry The Cloud Dog is a little book I have written for all of us, big and small, young and old, who endure the grief and loss of a very much loved pet, and often best friend. Harry, our very own little cocker spaniel was a big part of my family’s lives while my children were growing up. When Harry passed away, my children had long left home, but to me he was also the last thread, gone now, a part of my life which I loved, surrounded by my children. Even though I am now in my ‘aged years’ when our little dog passed away, I felt like an 8-year-old child again. Love is love and grief is what we feel when we no longer have that special friend to give it to. Only experience helps to understand we must always keep on loving. If we fill all the spaces in our hearts with love, it leaves little room for grief, so we must always keep on loving.