Franz Josef to Haast

Lu and I got up early again the next morning and headed over to Fox Glacier.  Eating cold pizza for breakfast, so maybe some things stay the same. I headed to lake Matheson with the intention of photographing the sunrise. But along the way, I got distracted by some very impressive Herefords. So I missed the sunrise but met up with Ben Willams from Glacier Country Herefords, they have beautiful Horned Herefords.

One of the challenges I may be presented with while in Haast is to photograph out of a helicopter. So it would be very shabby prep of me to show up in Haast unprepared!

Thank you Sam from Heliservices Helicopters, you made an aging old chick feel so very young again. After a couple of swim stops for Lu, we finally arrived in Haast 6 days after leaving home.

So the first thing to know is that when in Haast it is exactly the same as Google Maps for photographers. Just up the road, just around the corner, it won’t take long and be back soon.

After a long trip down a soak in the tub would have been not a bad idea, but baptism by fire is also in the instruction guide for rookies to Haast. So back in the truck and off up the Jackson River to look for cows we went.