Bush Gully Calf Marking Molesworth Station

Travelling through to Molesworth to stay the night with my friend up the Awatere delivered the usual magnetic and majestic mountain scenery with the poplars and willows starting to turn up the valley.

My first glimpse of the next morning was under a full sky of epic stars and an even fuller moon. My fingers were reminded with teeth grinding the blood being returned to the end of my fingers with a good frost to set up my first day.

I spent the day out at Bush Gully photographing everyone in action calf marking. It was a stunning day and  I spent hanging off the rails trying to keep the injury score down. By the end of the day, there was bulk deep heat on order from the boys who spent the day wrestling some very impressive calves.

Having to Leave the next day was softened this trip with my focus turning towards what lay ahead of me in Haast. No matter how long my visits are to what has become my special place, it always feels like home, even if it was for a short time. Even Lu my Lab who spent the first few weeks of her life with me here feels the same.